We work with many different companies who provide all kinds of services for real estate investors, home owners, renters and families. These are companies that we trust and can easily recommend for you. You’re welcome to contact these companies for more information.


Real estate agency: Huom! Pirkanmaa

Huom! Pirkanmaa

Huom! Pirkanmaa

Home Decorator: Muoto Design

Muoto Design

Aerial Photography: Flycam

Flycam Logo

Ready made houses: Kastelli

Administration services for rental apartments: Suomen Vuokraisäntä Oy

Insurance for your family: Pohjantähti Mutual Insurance Company

Pohjantähti keskinäinen vakuutusyhtiö

Holiday houses in Thailand: Hans Lankari Co., Ltd

Hans Lankari

Moving van rental: Ysitienauto Oy

Ysitien auto

Autosi ehostaa Lepfix T:mi

Food for your dog: Lempimuona Ay